Presentation of Yak Down

Yak down is a luxury product. It has many qualities and it is 15% to 20% warmer than the best cashmere.

It comes from the undercoat of young yaks under three years old only, which gives it its extreme softness. Its tubular structure, comparable to that of polar bear hair, makes it breathable, water repellent and thermostable.

It is hypoallergenic, does not capture odors and does not retain hair.

This Yak down is a 100% natural product. It has not undergone any chemical treatment or dyes. These are the natural shades of the Yak whose undercoat is brushed by hand.

The material of these clothes is ideal for nature lovers who practice outdoor activities.

Our products, of which we have the exclusivity in Switzerland, are made exclusively in Mongolia by a company whose down comes directly from its local breeders.

The precious down is harvested by hand at the time of spring molting. The baby yaks are then individually combed in an artisanal way and do not undergo any aggression.

Our actions and perspectives

We built a foundation base consisting of yurts at an altitude of 2500m. It is equipped with generators and a state-of-the-latest internet connection offering surrounding families the ability to easily converse with the rest of Mongolia, with their children studying abroad or expatriate family on the other side of the world.

Since 2014, we have made many trips to Mongolia and have continued our effort to support this community of pastoralists in the Khangai Highlands. Mowing equipment to improve the constitution of fodder, coordination meeting, medical support missions or provision of small school equipment are recurring actions of our foundations which have received in return complete support of the local community.

Each of our missions is an opportunity to bring a new stone to the building and to share simple moments with the community of breeders.

With the marketing of our products, we donate a percentage of each sale to the foundation in order to carry out targeted micro-projects to improve the living conditions of Yak breeders.

Every year, we go on site to assess the needs of breeders and adapt our actions. In return, they offer us this precious human warmth and also this wonderful down that makes us dream.

Our ambition is to develop the Khangai base to give it financial autonomy and become a pole of local development. Through the structural development of the base we want to bring it an ecotourism and artisanal dimension. We want to help pastoralists reclaim their traditional economy and modernize enough for this activity to find their place in Mongolia’s new economy.

With the support of the foundations
ICARE in Switzerland

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